Expanded role in world affairs Expanded role in world affairs Us president obama on saturday called on asia to embrace"Balanced and undergone"Commercial growth, to secure a global rebound from the deepest recession in decades. "We must that will help secure our economic recovery, and pursue growth that Pandora Charms UK is both balanced and suffered, said obama in a major new policy speech, this second day of his four nation asian tour. "Since we are on the brink of economic recovery, we must also ensure could possibly be sustained, obama said in the speech in the suntory concert hall in town center tokyo. "We just cannot return to the same cycles of boom and bust that led us into a global recession.We cannot follow the same policies that led to such unbalanced growth, Barak said that america's commitment to asia's security was"Unshakeable"Inspite of the heavy investment of us resources in wars in iraq and afghanistan. "Even as american troops are engaged in two wars internationally, responsibility to japan's security and to asian security is unshakeable, said the us director. "It can be seen in our deployments by means of region above all, through our young both women and men in uniform, Obama spoke on key issues related to relations between the us and asian nations, playing down some westerners' fears of an climbing china, specifically in economic affairs. "The does not seek to contain china, nor does a deeper the friendship with china mean a weakening of our bilateral alliances, president barak said. "On the other hand, an upswing of a strong, prosperous china can be a source of strength for town of nations, However president barack obama said he would not waver from raising human rights issues with china, but would do Cheap Pandora so without the need of"Rancor, "The united states will never waver in speaking up for the fundamental values that we hold dear including respect for the religion and cultures of all people, president barak Pandora Dangles Charms said. "But we can move these discussions forward in a spirit of partnership substitute rancor, Obama also diplomatically other non democratic nations in asia that north america wants them to allow more freedoms to their citizens. "Supporting human rights provides lasting security that cannot be bought in any other way, he explained. "That is the story that may be seen in japan's democracy, just as it are visible in america's. Obama said all people want to speak the minds of men, choose their market commanders, access information and worship as they wish. He was able to, at the same time, criticise burma for curbing human rights and north korea for Cheap Pandora Beads Sale pursuing nuclear weapons. In a extended visit to asia, obama is emphasising assistance, warning north korea that it will have tough, unified action by the us and its asian partners if the koreans fail to abandon their nuclear weapons programmes.