Benefit at ron's styling Prom Dresses UK aims to aid Wedding Dresses: wounded soldiers According to tara brown, a stylist at the center, the event is a way for community members to help out injured veterans and their families.Typically hosting a cutathon benefit every four years, ron's styling center, through a prior relationship with the newly established point man of columbiana, chose to help collect items for walter reed patients. "We try to do everything we can to support the troops and the families of the veterans,"Said out post leader tim pollock, who also spent time at the facility after he was wounded in iraq. "What got me through my time there was the good people who love their country and the soldiers who protect it. "For the cutathon, local businesses have stepped up in support, donating gift certificates, passes and merchandise for the silent auction, brown said.Established in 1898, walter reed received its first patients in 1909.It has 5, 500 rooms and serves 150, 000 military and retired veterans every year.In addition to monetary donations, the hospital relies on support from local communities to provide basic needs for injured veterans from across the country.As of february, its wish list included Beach Wedding Dresses international phone cards, athletic shorts, clothing and toys for infants and toddlers, women's clothing(Sweatpants, sweatshirts, long sleeve tshirts), hair brushes robes, underwear/boxers and bras, slippers, breakaway pants, bathing suits and swim trunks(One piece for women), jackets, model car kits, nondisposable razors, athletic sneakers, backpacks and electronic games.Pollock, who travels to the hospital at least once a year, will be delivering the items collected by point man of columbiana on his next trip.